A Holly Jolly Anthology - a collection of the Christmassy short stories I've written over the last several years. You can find it here.

Striking a Chord- this is the six-chapter prequel I wrote exclusively for Wattpad to my third published novel, Out of Tune. It shows some of the back story between the main character Ashley, her boyfriend Josh, and ex-best friend Allie.

Sun Kissed- currently on hold, as with uni and publishing Out of Tune I've not had the time to work on this. Written a bit like live diary entries, this story follows Avery on a summer in Spain with her aunt, a summer of sand, sunshine, and possible romance.

The Beach House- a companion novella to my first published novel, The Kissing Booth, which takes place over the summer during the end of The Kissing Booth, following Elle, Lee and Noah for their summer break at the beach house.‚Äč

Totally Amp'd: Tyler's Story- I was hired by Smokebomb Entertainment along with three other popular Wattpad writers to write a short story about one of the characters in their app, Totally Amp'd, which follows the story of five teens from different backgrounds who come together to form a band.

I also have samples of my published novels The Kissing Booth, Rolling Dice, and Out of Tune on Wattpad you can check out too.

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