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How did you get your books published? Didn’t you start out on Wattpad?
I did start out on Wattpad. I posted The Kissing Booth on there in 2010 (when I was fifteen) and it became so popular, with 19 million reads, that in late 2012 I was contacted on Wattpad by an editor from (Penguin) Random House UK, who said she was interested in publishing my book. I got in touch with her, and a week later my dad and I visited the Random House London offices and they offered me a three book contract there and then!

Do you do school visits or writing workshops?
Yes, I do - please use the email form on my contact page, or alternatively contact me on Twitter, @Reekles, to get in touch with me about dates/fees.

What books have you got published? And where can I get them?
I​’ve had all three books of my three-book contract with Random House published now: The Kissing Booth, Rolling Dice, and Out of Tune. I've also had a novella published through Accent Press called Cwtch Me If You Can. Click on the links to their individual pages up the top to find out more about them and where to buy them.

Is there a sequel to The Kissing Booth? What about The Beach House?
The Beach House is a novella, but not a sequel, that takes place during The Kissing Booth (over the summer, near the end of the book) and can be found on my Wattpad profile to read for free, but it’s not been updated for the published version. As for a sequel – no plans for one at the moment.

Is it true there’s going to be a movie of The Kissing Booth?
The rights have been sold to Komixx/RHCSE and they’ve signed on Vince Marcello as a scriptwriter. There’s also an IMDB page for it which is pretty darn cool if you ask me. It’s progressing and if I have any more news, I’ll update you all on my blog and on Twitter.

Do you have any advice on getting published?
Traditionally, you get a literary agent (do some Googling and research, find an agent who takes on your kind of genre) - the agent will then work to get you a publishing house. There’s also a lot of options for self-publishing, too, if you’d rather that route. Again, Googling is useful! If you have more specific questions or want more advice, just ask (Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook) and I’ll be happy to help. For more info, check out this blog post I wrote.

How much is your book contract worth?
Don't be nosy.

Why did you study Physics at university if you’re a writer?
I can do both, can’t I? I’d applied for my degree literally a couple of weeks before the book deal. Writing was and always has been a hobby for me – it’s just turned into a career recently, too. But I love physics, and I always have enjoyed it, which is why I wanted to do it for a degree.

Can you give me some advice on writing?
Sure – message me on Tumblr (that's probably easiest) and keep an eye on my blog for my response. I’m happy to help. Or, you can check out the writing advice page here on my blog for my Writing Wednesdays series.

You haven’t answered my message – why not?
Like I said, I’m happy to help but sometimes I’m just too busy to get around to answering all the messages I get. Be patient with me, and I hope you understand that I can’t devote all of my time to my inbox!