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Betting Boy

Kian is set on becoming part of the elite Cheaters Club. When he moves into a dorm room opposite Isabelle, and starts a blog about the Cheaters Club, his opportunity to join is closer than he thinks. But will he risk his relationship with Isabelle for a place in the Cheaters Club?

About The Cheaters Club

Wattpad author Rebecca Sky's original novel The Cheaters Club was so popular that starting in Summer 2016 she rallied a bunch of writers to write spin-offs of The Cheaters Club, involving the club somehow. Rebecca is also rewriting and reposting her original story.

The Cheaters Club Wattpad channel features stories from twelve writers (myself included). 

Betting Boy is an NA (new adult) romance, so it may have some more mature/older content than my other Wattpad books.

The other Cheaters Club stories are:

  • ​​​Billionaire Brother, by Debbie Goelz and Lindsey Lippincott
  • Bad Babe, by E. Latimer
  • Bad Boss, by Lana Sky and Imogen Isles
  • British Boy, by A.J. Winter
  • Billionaire Bryde, by Michelle Jo Quinn
  • Broken Boy, by Vanessa Rodriguez
  • Brilliant Bastard, by Tawny Stokes
  • Bad Boy, by Landen Wakil
  • The Cheaters Club, by Rebecca Sky​
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